These are all the useable images I have, folks. If I didn't get ya, my apologies.
XMEN MegaLAN, Oct. 19-21, 2001
the Obligatory Sunday Morning
Group Shot
( small - large )
Paneled view of the Main Room Bad 'puter, BAD! !OT! Anakha playing... something. :)
!OT! Bannor and a friendly repair gun. Beast is on it! Dark Knife laughing as we dance... ...but unhappy about his dying machine.
The Resurrected 'Puter! THZ*ers Dax and King figure out what to do next. Felix speak with his eyebrows. Firebird, looking to refuel.
Our Favorite SysAdmin, Gambit. Gambit and the Server Of Doom.

Destiny.enD perhaps

Hat, juuuuust waking up. :)
Hat @ the Uber 'Puter. Iceman doing his thing. Stuwey and his
beloved keyboard.
??? and Scorch discuss WarCraft.
The Friday Night Cable Nest.
Gambino fixed that pretty quickly.
Porsche looking for a target... ...probably ITI_MAN. Ravok and his pet ScanDisk.
Rooster, the most dangerous
young'un there.
SledgeHammer beams for the camera. Ya ham. New phrase: Pulling a WarHawk. The only existing photo of
XMEN Timmain.
All pictures provided by XMEN Timmain.