X marks the spot!

The XMEN are a Starseige Tribes playing clan. We are a mature group of friends who believe in honor, fairplay, and playing as a team. We are a "For Fun" group.

Also, many of our members belong to the honor-bound, team-playing guild The Dragon Talon Mercenaries.

Our belief is that on-line gaming should be fun for everyone involved. As XMEN we are committed to having a good time as a group, and in helping others that we are playing with on-line to have fun. We donít take this too seriously because itís just a game. In fact, we hold firm to the fact that real-life can and must take priority. Our priorities are:

  1. Family
  2. School/Work
  3. To have fun playing Tribes

The bulk of our membership range in age from mid-twenties to mid-forties. However, the younger XMEN have proven their capabilities beyond a shadow of a doubt and have a most deserved place within our organization. Most of our members are here by invitation only. While we have had a few applicants, not everyone makes it in. We are not as interested in your skill within a game as we are how you conduct yourself Ė both in and out of the game. We have a very good, hard-earned reputation within the Tribes communities in which we have a presence, and we jealously guard this reputation.

Thanks for stopping by our site. Feel free to follow the link to our messaging forums so you can drop us a line. Everyone is welcome.

XMEN Iceman[DTM]
Leader of the XMEN

Re-Tired Leader of the XMEN