The XMEN Gaming Clan Skins
Here's the scoop, folks. I've made complete sets of armor for us; 'Derm, Male and Female. These took me much longer to make than I thought, and I don't have any more available time to modify them. Sorry, that work thing is a pain. :(
For the Offense, I have made the Ghost Armor. It has enough branding that our NMEs will know we're XMEN, but is light enough to be hard-to-see on winter maps and near impossible to see against the Fog of War.
The Defense Team gets the Gold (Armor, that is). Face it, even if we hid (which we can't, considering what we do ingame), the NME is coming looking for us. Why hide our greatness, eh? ;)
To download, please click the appropriate link:

XMEN High Res .v12 file
XMEN Low Res .v12 file

And before you ask, yes, they DO have a fish on them. :) The faces you see inside are Lexa Doig of Andromeda fame, and Dean Cain from Lois & Clark. There are a few details that can only be seen when your graphics level is cranked up all the way, but since they are in-jokes, I don't think anyone but us is going to be looking for them (and my name on the feet is not one of them).
Thanks for your assistance, patience and input. Art is temperamental, time-consuming and difficult to make.


XMEN Offense Armor (Ghost) - Female
XMEN Offense Armor (Ghost) - Male
XMEN Offense Armor (Ghost) - Heavy
XMEN Offense Armor (Ghost) - 'Derms


XMEN Defense Armor (Gold) - Female
XMEN Defense Armor (Gold) - Male
XMEN Defense Armor (Gold) - Heavy
XMEN Defense Armor (Gold) - 'Derms