XMEN Gaming Clan Files!
We currently have two Internet file storage drives for storage of scripts, demos, etc.

The usernames are XMEN and XMEN1 respectively. The password for both is the same as the private forums.

The links below will take you to the login screens for the file storage areas:

File area number 1
File area number 2

We are currently hosting several files for your machine and specifically for Tribes 2.

Final Frontier New - Font
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Star Trek-ish font used on this site.

XMEN Clan- Skins
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Low-Res Download Now
V12 file that contains Human Male, Female and Bioderm Skins. Place this file in Game Data/base.

kRet's Nade and Mortar - Reticles
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An awesome set of grenade launcher and mortar reticles that are accurate up to 425 meters. UnZIP this file and place ALL of the PNGs in: GameData/base/textures/gui

Timmain's Laser and Blaster - Reticles
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A replacement set of NME and Friendly IFF Indicators, and alterations to the Laser Rifle and Blaster Reticles. A good file to have for all snipers. UnZIP this file and place ALL of the PNGs in: GameData/base/textures/gui


XMEN Timmain's T2 Scripts Corner

"Timmain, what is THAT?"
"Where did you find that?
and my favorite,
"What's that thingee there?" LOL

I don't like being left out in the cold during a game. I want to know where everyone is and what all my stats are. Am I running hot enough to catch a missile? How many more shots can I take? How much time do I have to get the flag back? As a smarter man than I once stated, "If you can't outfight them, out think them." Information is crucial, and the right set of scripts can make or break your T2 game.

PLEASE make sure you read the Install Files included with each of these scripts. I cannot be held responsible for misinstalled scripts.

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A script that filters out death messages from your ChatHUD and places them in their own HUD.

HAL Deployer
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Script that allows you to see deployable areas in-game by placing the red-green deployable image over your reticle until you place your object. Hard to explain, but easy to use. :)

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If you are not using AutoPoints, SHAME ON YOU. In a nutshell, this script by Boots reads the information on your CommandCircuit, and adds waypoints in *realtime*. Anything your CC can see, AutoPoints adds to your HUD. From the LAN perspective, all the little red "X"s that you saw on my screen were generated by AutoPoints. As for practical applications, as long as the NME is in your sensor network, you can see their waypoint coming through walls, around corners, and through floors and ceilings. A practical application would be placing cameras all around your flag base in Tombstone so that your HoF can see exactly when an NME is about to jump down for the Flag.

Panama Jack's All-In One
AKA Panama Jack is a fella with a lot of time on his hands. He's written so many useful scripts that I'm not going to try and describe them all. The prevalent ones that I use all have to do with the Chat system. Reference his page for further information.

Ever get tired of having to look up in the corner to see how your health and NRG are doing? Stop looking around and put that information whereever you want it with FreeHUDs. Written by UberGuy, this script allows you to replace your old Health and NRG bars with moveable icons to replace anywhere on your screen that you like. I keep mine right underneath my reticle, so that I don't have to look away during a duel to see if I'm short on jetpack NRG. This script should also be used in conjunction with...

T2 sends compass information to the GraphicUserInterface, which pretties it up and displays it in a nice smooth graphic in your upper right corner. Bleargh! Put it where you can use it, a constantly-updating ring around your reticle. Know where you without having to look up constantly. Also written by UberGuy.

Writer's Support
This script by Writer doesn't actually do anything on it's own, but provides a support base for most independent script writers. Basically, if you download any more scripts, the odds are good that they'll need this file to operate correctly.

Engineer's HUD
A handy script for all turretmonkeys. Displays damage information for all assets, including teammates, vehicles and deployables. You can also waypoint your assets and take control of turrets without leaving the game screen.

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Requested by myself and Ambush Bug for players with vision problems, this script changes the green vertical bar to a 7-pixel-wide bar that's red. And the homing beacons are now dark blue. You can go into the script and change the colors and width as you see fit. This script really doesn't make the reticles any easier to use, just easier to see against bad-contrast skies and ground colors.

Hide Weapon
From DEbig3 himself:

"When Hideweapon is toggled on, it hides the currently mounted weapon, if you have chosen to hide it, after a length of time specified by you in the options. The script also includes a toggle to hide or show the weapon until the next weapon is mounted, at which time it goes back to hiding automatically."


An UberGuy script, described in his own words:

"Do you find you don't want to drop your blaster but you hate spawning with it drawn? Are you a T1 veteran who cant get used to the fact you don't spawn with your disclauncher out (and it doesn't help that you spawn invisible...)? Do you exclusively play the Ultra Heinous MOD and really want to have your Atomic Decapitator out when you respawn?

If the answer to any of these was yes, then this script is for you. In the script browser (part of Writer's support.vl2) you get a new control screen that lets you select any weapon available in the current gametype you're logged into. You have to join a game first for your local game to get the weapon list from the server, but once you're in, you can go back to the options panel and select any of the weapons available. If you spawn with the selected weapon, it will be drawn for you automatically. This includes mission starts and respawns. Even better, the script remembers the name of the weapon, and will attempt to draw that weapon on spawn on any server you join, even modded ones. The server just has to have a weapon of that name.

New! Now SpawnWeapon offers the option to mute your ability to fire weapons for a user configurable time after respawning. This can be used to prevent accidental weapons discharge when pressing fire to respawn. "

Also for your enjoyment, a list of scripting sites.

AKA Panama Jack's
Halide's Highly recommended by Timmain
Tribes2 Central Download