I want you!

The XMEN Gaming Clan is historically focused on the Tribes franchise, but has found other interests as well, such as City of Heroes or Worlds of Warcraft. We thank you for your interest in our group, and if you would like more information, please read on.

We have a some standards and rules that you will need to know. They really boil down to good sportsmanship and a mature (though fun-loving) attitude.
Here are the basic ones for Tribes:

  2. Never disk a person off of a station
  3. Obey the designated commander during the scrim.
  4. Be courteous to any and all other clans. We treat others as adults here, including junior members.
  5. Try to help newbies to enjoy the game.
  6. Enjoy the game.
  7. See number 6.
Simple, Straightforward.

Enjoy the game and be an honorable person.

Here are the steps:

  • Post an application here.
  • We will observe you for a while.
  • We will decide whether to invite you to be an XMEN or not.
Leave us a message in the applications forum if you have any questions.