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There are only a few days left on the old EZBoard Gold membership, and we didn't feel like paying for their services any longer. So, we've moved the forums! They can now be found at http://www.xmenclan.org/forum/. We're using phpBB2, and brought almost all our posting history with us, so come on by!


Only three weeks left until the 2004 XMEN MegaLan begins! In the past, we've had people from Florida, Washington, California, and Minnesota, as well as points closer, drive or fly to Dallas just to participate in the weekend-long frag-fest. It even looks like Tribes: Vengeance will be available before the party, so it'll surely get a workout. We've purchased some new hardware for the occasion, as well. Get the details and sign up in our LAN party forum, HERE!

And yes, we will be accepting new recruits to come play the new T:V. Interested members can always compete with us in the Blood Eagle Mini League.

(Yes, our news page is sadly neglected, but the clan is alive and well. Stop by the forums anytime to see what's happening!)

Sorry for the delay folks, much going on.

1) XMEN and THZ* form cooperative merger. Check here.
2) XMEN join the SCPL.
3) XMEN take on POK in an SCPL scrim. XMEN are victorious.
4) XMEN MegaLAN is held, Oct. 19-21. Check the pix here.

8-23-2001 The 2001 Tribes2 BEML season is has been restarted. The XMEN will be participating in their first match September 2nd. We will post details of the upcoming match here on the News Page and in our forums.
8-23-2001 The XMEN hosted a Siege round this evening against the Order of the Talon. A new form of gameplay for some and a loved favorite of others, Siege provided all of the players with an intense battle. A best-of-three match, the Order of the Talon took the high ground on Masada, while the XMEN won the scrim on Respite and Ultima Thule. It was amazingly close, 8 seconds difference on Respite, and the surprising move of restoring the FFGens at the last minute on Ultima Thule. Great job, everyone! Thanks to OT! for a heck of a battle!
8-20-2001 The XMEN participated in a CTF scrim this evening against the Peacemakers. Due to PacketLoss on the PM server, the scrim was hosted on the XMEN MegaFishPlex. The scrim was a tie, 1vs1 on Sanctuary and Archipelago. Thanks, Peacemakers! Good game and good battle to us all!
8-20-2001 XMEN Timmain has completed skins for the XMEN! Check the message board link here, or go directly to the explanation page. You can also download the files from the Files Area.
8-9-2001 The XMEN hosted a ForFun scrim on the MegaFishPlex against Order of the Talon this evening. It was a close thing, let me tell you... but the XMEN pulled it out in the last match on Archipelago. Thanks to all members of !OT! for a strong battle to test us! VGW! VGCG!
7-30-2001 TAC2 has finally been released! The Team Aerial Combat MOD was well played during the reign of T1, but now TAC2 takes over. Several of the XMEN have participated in it's development and testing, and are now part of the =NATAC=, the North American Team Aerial Combat League. We have two links, the announcement and the message board.
7-28-2001 The XMENClan.Org site has been given a makeover! The MenuSystem and ClanTitle have been upgraded, and over the course of the next week or so, we will be cleaning up the folder organization and old page table structure. We are asking that ALL comers to the XMENClan.Org site assist us in Quality Assurance of the site. Please visit this message board thread to see what you can to do help.
7-23-2001 Due to a large growth spurt in the XMEN, we will no longer be accepting applications for entry into our clan. This is by no means a permanent action, but we do require time to acclimatize our newest members. When we are ready to accept applications again, messages will be posted here and on our public message boards.
7-13-2001 The 1st Tribes2 BEML season is in the works to be started up again around the beginning of August. We will post here in the News as to updates and scrim schedules.
7-01-2001 Welcome to our newest members, XMEN Ahamkara, XMEN WildChild, XMEN Jester[DTM], XMEN xWarChiefx, XMEN DreamShadow, XMEN Evil Lyn, XMEN BlackRider, XMEN DarkKnife[DTM] and XMEN Timmain.

For more news, scrimmage and match announcements, etc. see our message board.

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